urban oreganics

Please read about the options below, select the eco-packaging you would like us to use for your order, and add it to your cart.


  • Biodegradable Peanuts:


  • Shredded Cardboard/Paper:
    • ship a package with it
    • compost it
    • use it to top garden beds, or in chicken coops, bunny pens, etc.
    • **please do not recycle this curbside - it jams recycling equipment**


  • Kraft Paper:
    • ship a package with it
    • compost it (cut into smaller pieces first)
    • **curbside recyclable in most areas**


Packaging is based on availability. We may not always be able to accommodate your request. If you do not select an option, we will use biodegradable peanuts and/or Kraft paper. We will only pack orders with shredded cardboard/paper if that is specifically requested by the customer. 

Packaging may not be packaged exactly as pictured.



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