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Tongue scraping helps manage the balance between a healthy mouth and healthy you! Our metal tongue scraper cleans toxins and bacteria from the tongue, removes coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath, eliminates undigested food particles from the tongue, cleans the taste buds to enhance the sense of taste, promotes overall oral and digestive physical well-being, and gently stimulates the internal organs.

  • Sanitize in boiling water upon receiving
  • Hold in one hand and apply firm pressure onto tongue with the tongue scraper. In one slow, smooth motion, pull the scraper from back of your tongue to the front - how far to place the scraper is entirely reliant on your comfort.
  • Rinse after each stroke
  • This metal scraper can be kept long-term and periodically disinfected by boiling in water.
  • If your copper tongue scraper naturally oxidizes (begins to change color), click here for instructions on bringing the shiny copper finish back.

Our organic skin care products are handcrafted in small batches and packaged sustainably. We have been lovingly creating in our home studio in Portland, Oregon since 2013. Each new product is tested on willing friends and family, never on animals. 

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