Please read this page fully before proceeding with your pickup. If you have changed your mind and prefer to have your order shipped, please contact us with your order number for a shipping invoice.

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Orders must be picked up within one week of being notified that your order is ready. We will place your order on our front porch (6996 Lowell Avenue, West Linn) at 9am on the day of your choosing. You may pickup at any time that day, but please keep this time frame in mind especially if your order includes items that can freeze (liquids) or melt (creams/butters). **apologies for the state of our yard - we are amidst a major renovation**

In case there are multiple orders on the porch, please check the attached receipt for your name. If your order isn’t picked up on the day you’ve requested and we haven’t heard from you, we will invoice you for shipping charges.

The neighborhood is very safe (and a doorbell camera is installed), but by choosing this method, you do assume all risk in case of theft. 




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