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Hydrating facial oil

This product is great if you are looking to wash away makeup or need a face wash that is oil based and will give your skin extra hydration. I normally have dry/combination skin and this has helped hydrate my face without being greasy.

Best Powder Dry Shampoo

I've been looking for an alternative dry shampoo that isn't aerosol and so far this is the best powder dry shampoo I've found. A little goes a long way and I will continue to purchase.


I love this soap! It makes my skin so soft and helped with my dandruff concerns. It took a bit for my hair to adjust. Another reviewer commented about apple cider vinegar rinse, which was a game changer. I can't wait to get more.

Hydrated, happy skin ❤️

I love the clean ingredients in this facial cream. It's hydrating without being too heavy. My skin loves it year round!

Good enough to eat!

I've been purchasing from UO since 2017. I almost forgot how amazing their baby butter is! It's so rich, their quality has not changed and definitely one of a kind. It really melts into your skin and what's better is all the ingredients are not chemicals. Thankful for your prices and your brand!

My skin is in love! ❤️

I tried this 6 months ago and immediately wanted to use it all over my body. I have dry skin and this is fabulous. My skin sucks it up and it isn't greasy. I went back and bought 3 more. Can't wait to try your other products! Thanks!

Great for Sensitive Skin Types with Acne

I never tried toners that include apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. I thought it would be too much for my sensitive skin. Before, I just used rose water with witch hazel, but it didn't do much. This toner has been a game changer for my hormonal acne. I see my face become clearer and brighter the more I use it.

Gentle Exfoliating Facial and Body Cleanser

This is my 2nd time trying cleansing grains. The 1st was from a different shop, but I like this a lot more. First, I love the smell. Smells just like oatmeal and matcha. After mixing in a small jewelry dish, it spreads great on the face. Like a thick, warm bowl of oatmeal. When rubbing, I feel it GENTLY exfoliating my face. More gentle than any sugar scrub I've used, but I can still feel it's effect. Plus, it cleans off easily with a warm washcloth, and rinses easily. I also tried using it as a gentle cleanser/exfoliator after hair removal. Takes care of the hair bumps and made my skin smooth. I may need a lifetime supply of this. I'm hooked.

Pairs Great with 'Refresh' Cleansing Grains

I bought this with the skin care set. I mainly use this oil as a liquid to pair with the 'Refresh' Cleansing Grains. It really boosts the moisturizing effect. Before, even with the cleansing grains, I still had an issue with small, dry patches. Now, I barely see them, and my face is soft and smooth. I have dry, sensitive skin, and I recommend this combo to anyone with a similar skin type.

Love this

My husband and I have switched to UO for EVERYTHING and our body wash was the first product we tried. Absolutely recommend. Cleanses well and doesn’t give us acne or irritation like other body washes have

Amazing product

This product is phenomenal. So many uses! My baby girl had awful cradle cap, I would bathe her and use a soft brush to try and scrub it out and it didn't help. I tried this oil and BOOM! It's 4 days post bath abs still little to no cradle cap! Phenomenal stuff! Would highly recommend! I also massage her every night and this stuff makes her skin so soft! Love this! Highly recommend for sensitive skin too!

can't be without it

Gentle and works great at removing my makeup. Love that it comes in glass and a little will go a long way.

Great for removing makeup

Love this cleansing oil to help gently remove makeup. Not only does it help remove makeup, but it makes your skin hydrated and soft!

Best Dry Shampoo

I've been wanting to try this dry shampoo for awhile now and I'm very happy I did. It's very lightweight, but absorbs oils and lasts longer than any other dry shampoo I've tried.

Great for sensitive skin

My 3 year old daughter has sensitive skin, seems to constantly have a messy face from eating/art/play, and gets red, irritated facial acne. I tried wiping her face with water more regularly, less regularly, using gentle cleanser, etc. The only thing that has helped is applying this toner after her bedtime bath (with the reusable fabric rounds we got from UO!). If we miss a night (like when dad or grandparents do the bedtime routine and forget this step) the acne immediately returns.

I’m thrilled to have a toner option I trust that is good for her delicate skin, supports small business, and looks stylish sitting out in our bathroom.

Samantha Runge
Nothing touches this Face Cream!

I have been using UO Face Cream for more than 5+ years…..
I recently got “influenced” by someone I follow on social media to try a different brand/company.
I of course tried it for a couple months to give it a shot and see how I liked it….. and to be honest after 4-5 month of using this other companies face creams I never felt good about how my face looked.

When I use UO I feel so confident to be able to walk around with just the cream and no make up, with the other I found myself putting on an entire face of makeup just to feel okay!

NOTHING TOUCHES UO FACE CREAM…. I have learned my lesson and will not use anything else!

Game changer

I’m so excited to use this list! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Such a robust list, with a beautifully minimal aesthetic, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming because you are breaking it down into a few tasks or rooms each day.

Yes, yes, yes

Love this product so much! The matcha really helps with acne. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed! Deff would recommend! :)

Lifesaver for dry skin!

Every winter I get an eczema flair up on my legs due to the dry weather. This year I started using the cleansing oil in the shower followed by the body oil and have seen such an improvement. I also have a small rosacea patch on my cheek thata chronically dry and rough. The cleansing oil has really helped this area as well.

Best pampering treat!

This mask is incredible! I love that it's a powder and you can use as much as you need with overusing. It fits perfectly into my skincare routine and the 15 minutes of relaxation while it sets is exactly what we all need! Leaves skin super soft and clear (I have sensitive, acne prone skin that can be dry and congested)

Andrea Kidwell
Best Product Ever!

I love the Refresh face mask. I use it in my weekly routine and it gives my face a perfect refresh for the week. I mix it with oil to give my face a great moisture mask. I wouldn't know what to do without this product, I 1000% recommend this product.

I love adding UO samples to my small business orders!

When I first learned UO was offering a sample pack to small businesses, I had to jump right on it. As a personal customer of UO's for years, I can attest to the quality and professional packaging of their products and felt having a sample included in my business's orders would be a real treat for my customers. And not only is this a treat for my customers but I love supporting another small business by spreading awareness of their brand. All in all it was a great decision for me to purchase this bundle. You can see what a sample in my order looks like here:

It's a YES!

A go-to product for me. This has helped with my acne-prone skin and leaves me feeling refreshed. I use it on my back and chest as well. If you are thinking of this product, go for it. It is amazing!

My favorite face cream

I have been using this face cream with and without spf for years now. This is the only face cream I have found with spf that doesn’t irritate my skin!

Best morning wake up

Leaves my skin feeling so fresh and moisturized!



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