After ten years of building my business and my social media following, I want to help you do the same! I am always looking for sustainable, vegan, and intentional brands to promote to my followers over on instagram! Or maybe you just need some photos or a reel created to share on your own account? I can do that too! CONTACT ME to get started.


I'm a minimalist mama who lives a mindful lifestyle that's kind to both the planet and myself. I believe that less truly is more. My passions center around creating a happy and healthy home for my family, while minimizing my impact on the planet for future generations. So if you're looking for the perfect person to promote your earth-friendly, intentional products or services, I'm your gal!



As a sustainable skincare brand owner + content creator, I have a unique position within the social media world. I bring the mindset of an influencer, and also a small handmade business owner. I have spent the last 10 years building the trust of my followers by sharing purposeful and intentional content with one goal in mind: making the world a better place. In addition to sharing my own business on instagram, I partner with like-minded brands in various ways. My followers tune into my account to learn how to live a more mindful lifestyle, how to reduce their impact on the planet, and to hear about my favorite sustainable, intentional products. They are conscious consumers who trust what I share, care about the environment, animal welfare, ethical issues, and will become loyal, lifelong customers.




A casual ~60 second unboxing story with captions, a brief product/brand description, account tag, and clickable link to your website *discount code recommended*. 


Whether it be a mini photoshoot in our modern and minimalist home, or an IG reel showing off your products, I'd love to create royalty-free content for you to use on your own accounts! 


A ~60 second edited reel showing products in use in my home, with account tag and a brief product/brand description. Shared to IG stories and email newsletter with clickable link to your website *discount code recommended*. 

* BLOG POST: $150+

A ~700 word blog post about your product, with clickable links to your website *discount code recommended*. Includes stock photos and one branded photo. Shared to IG stories and email newsletter. 

**Additional services, ongoing partnerships, and BUNDLES available upon request.






"It's like getting a recommendation from a friend (because you are so genuine and we trust you)." - Amanda

"I know I can trust your judgement for natural and eco-friendly products. Best influencer ever!" - Karla

"What you do is so impactful. It's so much more than 'influencing'." - Jo

"I often think, 'I wonder what Emily uses' when I am shopping for products. I truly care about your recommendations and you have influenced my purchases many times." - Amelia



So if you're looking for someone who genuinely loves your brand/product and wants to share it with their friends (followers), CONTACT ME to get started.


You can view my PDF media kit HERE.



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