If your tracking number is showing delivered but your package is nowhere to be found, please do the following:


  • Make sure the address you entered at checkout is accurate. You can check this on your delivery confirmation email. 
  • Check the tracking number to see exactly where it was left (mailbox, front porch, back porch, side yard, etc.).
  • Check with anyone who lives at your house - sounds silly, but 99% of the time someone in the home has the package and just forgot to relay the information.
  • Check with neighbors. Occasionally USPS does deliver to the wrong house.
  • Call your local post office for more information. Unfortunately they have been known to mark packages as delivered 1-2 days early.


If none of these steps give you any answers, you can file a missing package claim here. If you believe the package was stolen, we recommend filing a police report. If you require further attention, please contact us.

If your package arrived damaged, please click here for further instructions. 



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