How to Make Your Own Self Care Kit 

Maybe you’re off after a long day of work.

Or you’ve been hit pretty hard by an event in your life—the loss of a friendship, the chaotic political climate, the chaotic environmental climate—and just need a moment to decompress. 

To shed your “everything’s fine” exterior and just relax.

… Or maybe you’ve been just watching a whole lot of Queer Eye and think you might deserve that kind of pampering, too.

Whatever it is, self care a huge topic right now, as mental health is finally becoming less stigmatized. 

But what exactly is self care?

Well, actually: it can be a lot of things, depending on the person. It can be going to a yoga studio, or getting a massage, or taking a vacation—but before you cringe to shell out $300 on that massage... There are cheaper options, too. 

Why not create your own self-care kit specifically catered to your needs for that moment’s reprieve? 

How is it so specially designed? Easy. It’s made by you, for you. Here are of our faves:

1. A (Clean!) Skincare Product That You Love 

It’s no secret that face masks have become a huge hit in the United States market; in fact, in 2016 alone sales went up a whole 16%. 

However, as much as a popular face mask might claim that it “rejuvenates” or “purifies” your skin, it might also contain some toxic ingredients.

Grab a jar of our 100% natural "refresh" facial mask, or contact us for a personalized recommendation so you can include a product that works perfectly for you and your skin.

Because, really: happy skin is the pinnacle of self care. 


Not really a diary person? That’s okay, you don’t have to be.

We recommend this for the mental health side of self care, particularly if you’re having a rough day that requires the self care kit in the first place. 

Make use of a journal to vent, to let out all the frustration or stress that you need to. It’s important that you express yourself, especially for situations where it’s not quite appropriate to do so vocally. 

Remember: this journal is yours. No one else is reading it. So even if it’s just a weird train of thought that goes nowhere, or a phrase, or even a doodled picture: it’s all for you! 

(Plus, it comes with a pretty incredible set of health benefits.)


Other than smelling incredibly nice, essential oils have the power to influence your entire mood

Although China is claimed to have roots, aromatherapy practice goes so far back that no one really knows who created it—which is truly a testament to our animal instincts and learning to trust our noses. 

Its benefits are as plentiful and varied as the types of plant oils used, so you can build up quite a collection in your kit! 

If you’re looking to get the essentials first (... get it?), we have a few favorites. Lavender greatly helps reduce anxiety and stress. Peppermint oil is wonderful for putting an energized pep in your step, and Clary Sage helps to banish any self doubt and pick you up during that time of the month.

So pull out the diffuser, add an oil, sit back and smell a great mood coming on.

4. A Favorite Snack

Now… Take this as you will. If you’ve had a rough day and your pick-me-up is your sugariest, fattiest, naughtiest favorite— have at it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself. 

But it’s equally as great of an idea to put something healthy in there that you still love. Whether it’s dried mango, kale chips, or a bag of popcorn seasoned with olive oil—these healthy foods can remind you that even though you had a bad day, you can still take care of yourself with some potentially mood-boosting foods.

So if you’re deciding between a healthy snack or a comfort food, it’s extremely important to listen to your body and what it’s telling you it needs. Maybe you’ll need a variety of snacks in your self care kit—and that’s okay!

Whatever you choose to pop into your mouth, just remember to enjoy it with zero guilt. That’s what it’s there for. 

5. Your Favorite Movies/Songs

Yes, maybe rewatching your favorite sappy rom-com is about as cliche a self-care trend as can be.

But there’s truth to it. 

Studies have shown that watching films is considered a sort of therapy in that it helps you to unwind and sit back, witnessing a whole storyline unfold from an outsider’s perspective. Depending on the plot of the movie, it’s even said to help drive motivation, as the story itself can inspire you.

If you’re wanting to put your focus on something a little more energetic, try listening to a playlist of your favorite songs. Whether you’re cooking dinner, reading a book, or writing in your journal, music has a multitude of psychological benefits that will keep you upbeat and relaxed during any activity.

So: music or a movie? Or… Possibly… Both?

It’s really up to you, given the kind of day you’re having. Just remember to enjoy yourself. 

It’s called entertainment for a reason, after all. 

But At the End of the Day… It’s Your Kit

We can list more recommendations all the livelong day for a self care kit.

If you’re an avid reader, we could readily suggest a favorite book. If you prefer your self care to be a little more adventurous, write down activities you’ve always wanted to do (within reason and budget, of course) on pieces of paper and pull one out of the jar. If a happy picture of your friends and family are an instant mood booster: stick it in there, too.

Our point is… This kit is completely yours to build as you will. No two are the same, just as no two people’s needs are the same.

When creating your kit, just… Remember: love yourself. 

Love yourself the way only you know how.

Love yourself the way you deserve. 

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