Our Packaging Through The Years

Take a stroll with us down memory lane...

December 2013:

June 2014:

August 2014:


December 2014:

March 2015:

November 2015:


And there you have it. Though our packaging has changed through the years, the formulas have remained the same. Sometimes I look back on my original branding (empty baby food jars, home printed labels, and iPhone 3 photos) and am totally appalled. But then other times I just shrug my shoulders and giggle. We all start somewhere. This is my journey, and I'm learning to be proud of it.

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Hi! We’re Cory & Emily, husband and wife, parents, and co-owners of Urban Oreganics. Over the years, we’ve developed a passion for creating an eco-friendly, minimalist lifestyle for our family. We’re always discovering new sources of inspiration and are excited to share those with you through our blog.

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  • Love seeing a look at your packaging through the years Emily! I found you in late 2014 on Etsy. I remember ordering your cleansing grains and becoming hooked. Three years later and I still love them! Love that even though your labels and packaging have evolved your products and ingredients have remained the same: simple, vegan, organic and safe for the whole family! Keep up the amazing work, Emily! ;)

    • Kayla
  • When I look back at old product photos of my Etsy shop, I’m honestly shocked I sold anything. Bad lighting, poor set design… it’s funny. I’m glad you’re doing so well. Keep it up, Mama!

    • Kel Fischer


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