Green Easter Fun: How To Celebrate Sustainably

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Springtime is upon us, which means Easter is just around the corner. There are many different ways that families celebrate Easter, but when children are involved, this sometimes means the giving of an Easter basket filled with treats and an Easter egg hunt. We’ve gathered a list of thoughtful gifts that will serve a purpose and bring joy well after the egg hunt is over.

We’ve all seen those pre-packaged, cheap baskets in the grocery stores filled with plastic toys that will soon be forgotten. And while it’s easy just to snag one and be done, gifting with intention is much more beneficial. By doing this, we save money, reduce clutter, and our boys treasure each gift they receive from us. Plus, it gives us the added joy of personalizing each of their baskets and keeps them excited!



First and foremost, don’t feel the need to go out and buy a brand new basket or container to fill with Easter goodies. Instead, hit up a thrift shop for an old basket to repurpose, or find a creative alternative. Flower pots, mason jars, or rain boots all serve as a creative (and useful!) alternative.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, and your children are old enough, try working together to decorate an old cardboard box. And don’t forget to repurpose the white paper shred from your last Urban Oreganics order to fill the baskets.

Once you’ve nailed down your basket idea, we suggest just adding 3-5 intentional items that your child will truly love or need.


Earnest Mom Blog Veggie Dye - Urban Oreganics

One of our amazing UO customers shared this dye and dough recipe with us. You must try, and check out her blog here.

Dye Recipe
Various colored vegetable scraps and skins (purple cabbage, beets, onion skins, spinach, etc.)

Add scraps to saucepan, cover with twice as much water, and cook on medium heat for one hour. Remove from heat, allow to cool, and discard scraps.

Dough Recipe
1/2 cup flour
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/4 salt
1/2 cup dye water
1/2 tbsp olive oil

Mix well in a saucepan, then turn on heat medium-low and mix over heat until stiff dough forms. Remove from heat, cool a few mins then knead on the counter until cool.


We LOVE sidewalk chalk - it promotes outdoor time and endless creativity. This one is made with all-natural organic ingredients, vegan, and easy to hold!


panda patch strips - ecofriendly bandaids - urban oreganics

We recently sourced some amazing hypoallergenic, latex-free, biodegradable, and vegan/cruelty-free bandages from PATCH. PATCH strips are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic band-aids. Crafted with 100% organic bamboo in four varieties, packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube. When the littles have a boo-boo, give them some relief with the panda-themed band-aids.


doTERRA has created a line of roll-on essential oil blends for nearly anything. For our kids, we use “Calmer,” “Cheer,” “Peace,” and “Thinker, which helps promote wellness. Contact us for 25% off your oil order.


Give the gift of education and fun! These customizable chalkboards from Chalk Full of Design are the perfect gift for your littles of all ages. They have so many varieties to choose from, it's so hard to get only one!


While we love utilizing the library to find our next reading adventure, many families carry a tradition of gifting a book for special events like Easter. We've saved all our favs for you here.


Speaking of libraries, why not include their own library card? Our public libraries are funded by your tax dollars, so definitely utilize those. Everything from books, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs are available for free at your local library. Not only do you save money, but you’re teaching your kids the importance of community.

garden kit - urban oreganics

For your budding gardener, grab an old terracotta pot and fill with your faves from your local gardening center. Many centers have small, child-sized tool kits and then you can add your favorite seed packets.


For all things eco-friendly, we head to one of our fav fellow small businesses: Marleys Monsters. Family owned and operated, this shop has everything from produce bags to facial rounds. The amazing selection of prints is perfect to personalize a special lunch kit for your school-aged kids. We personally love the reusable cloth napkins and snack bags.

Cuddle and Kind Stuffed Dolls - Ecofriendly Easter Basket - Urban Oreganics

his incredible brand handcrafts heirloom quality dolls in a variety of characters, AND gives 10 meals to children in need with every doll sold. This family-run business employs women in Peru to create each stuffed animal and pays them sustainable fair wage income. The dolls are made using high-quality cotton and are safe for all ages.


Am I the only parent that uses the holidays to gift something I was going to have to buy for my kids anyway? We only shop for clothes and shoes when our kids either grow out of or completely destroy their previous wears. A nice pair of sturdy shoes or a cute shirt really goes a long way. Plus, you can check that errand off your list!


For the hunt, ditch those plastic eggs and spring for these wooden fillable ones. Yes, they are an investment at first, but we’ve been using ours for four years now. They are made of wood so they are high-quality and last a long time. Plus we don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into our treats.

And on that note, instead of reaching for the individually packaged candies packaged in larger packages (yikes), head to your store’s bulk bins and fill up on chocolates, nuts, or other sweet treats with your reusable jar or bag! This is another opportunity where you can completely personalize your child’s experience.

If your tradition includes hiding dyed eggs, don’t forget to use the recipe above from Earnest Mom Blog.

Happy Easter!

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