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We’re back this week with our popular Journey to Healthy Skin, this time we're chatting with Angie. Angie didn’t start having issues with her skin until after having her first child. Read more about her journey below!

Angie, 31

Skin History:
Before having children I had zero skin issues. After my first daughter was born I was shocked to see what hormones and no sleep did to my skin. Fast-forward three years, another baby, and moving to the most humid place in the U.S., my skin was at the point of no return. On top of insane breakouts and skin so dry it was flaking off, I also had super uneven skin, red blotches, and dark circles under my eyes. I was the definition of hot mess mom. After years of using the same $8 facewash from Target, I decided to buy one of those $300 skincare sets online that promised to fix everything. After using it and feeling like I was not getting the results I wanted - and really not liking the ingredients - I knew I needed to find something else.

The Switch:
Up until two years ago, I had been living in Portland for the better part of 10 years. I discovered Urban Oreganics when looking for local small mama shops while I was pregnant. For about four years I had been Instagram stalking from afar, because who doesn’t love their amazing home renovation and fridge tours? When I finally realized I needed something all-natural for my skin, I knew just where to go. I took a deeper look into the products and knew they were breastfeeding-safe, child-friendly, and the price point was ideal for a stay at home mom’s budget.

When I finally realized I needed something all natural for my skin, I knew  just where to go.

The Refresh Cleansing Grains, Rosewater Toner, and Facial Cream have completely transformed my skin! It has not been this soft with even tone since before I had kids - and my breakouts have almost completely stopped.

“Would you recommend UO to someone else experiencing the same issues?”
A thousand times yes! I tell at least three people a week about Urban Oreganics and any chance I get to spritz my friends with some Rosewater Toner, I do.

Would you like to share your journey with us? How has Urban Oreganics tackled your biggest skin issues? Contact us to share your skin journey in our next testimonial post.

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