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In this new series, you can read about real UO customers and their journey from problem skin to the healthiest skin of their lives. 

This week, we are sharing Jen's story about how Urban Oreganics helped protect her skin against the rough, Alaskan weather.


Jen, 30
Anchorage, Alaska


Skin History:
I saw a dermatologist for two years after a five-year-long struggle with eczema and extreme-weather winter dry skin. The doctor prescribed Triamcinoline .1% and .5% [a topical steroid] and another cream that I cannot remember the name of, but they absolutely did not work. I was on Triamcinolone for 2 years; using 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. 


"I am also trying to live a toxin-free lifestyle and Urban Oreganics fits with that."


The Switch:
I honestly found Urban Oreganics when a local shop had a going out of business sale and I stopped in. I saw UO's facial cream and decided to give it a try. It is hands down my favorite personal care product. I am also trying to live a toxin-free lifestyle and Urban Oreganics fits with that. 

I use the facial cream and body food daily. The facial cream has eliminated my eczema behind my ears and on my arms. Body food is essential before going out in the cold Alaskan weather, and I love that it won’t give me frostnip because there is no water in it! Urban Oreganics has also been amazing for my 1-year-old during the rare occasion that she gets diaper rash. I am an avid hiker and take my daughter with me everywhere even in below weather temperatures. The baby butter goes on her cheeks and nose and protects her from the cold temperatures and wind.


“Would you recommend UO to someone experiencing the same issues?”

I love that UO is a mama-owned business that supports other small businesses. I also love that UO's customer service is second to none. I love UO's products!


Entries may have been edited for length and/or clarity. Contact us to share your skin journey in our next testimonial post.

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