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Hi Friends! It’s Megan Roosevelt, RDN from Healthy Grocery Girl, back for another guest blog post. I am so excited to share better skin care habits with you! A new year is a great time to implement new healthy habits and this year I challenge you to adopt a healthy skincare routine! This includes switching to more natural skincare products as well as lifestyle habits that will nourish and support healthy skin, from the inside out! I’ve put together a list of skin care tips and tasks to complete this month to help you achieve your best skin yet. Our skin regenerates approximately every 27 days, so I recommend to follow this challenge for a full month.


Day 1: Drink half your weight (pounds) in ounces of water

When we are dehydrated our skin becomes dull, dry and flaky. Start by drinking half your body weight in ounces of filtered water every day. If the weather is warm, you exercise, you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you’ll want to increase your water intake even more! In addition to plain water, herbal teas (which are caffeine free) are a great way to stay hydrated and consume a flavorful beverage. I love ginger tea with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice! 

Day 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to uncover fresh new cells below. This can help unclog pores, minimize the appearance of pores, reduce blackheads, control excess oil, brighten dull skin, soften skin, help skin absorb skincare products more efficiently and help makeup application appear more even. Urban Oreganics' coffee scrub is safe for face and body and made with natural, organic ingredients! 

Day 3: Go makeup-free

Give your skin a break by going make-up free at least one day a week! If going completely make-up free is not for you, try applying just mascara, perhaps filling in your eyebrows, and some lip balm and let your skin breath!

Day 4: Apply sunscreen

It’s important to apply SPF to protect your skin from the sun, reduce the risk of skin cancer and help slow the aging process. Urban Oreganics' facial cream with SPF 20 is the perfect primer to keep your skin safe.

Day 5: Go to sleep early

When we sleep, our body heals and repairs! We truly need “beauty sleep” to achieve natural glowing skin. Turning off the TV, phones and getting to bed even 15 minutes earlier can do wonders for our mental health, physical health, and skin health!

Day 6: Switch to an organic moisturizer

As we age, our serum glands are not as efficient, which can result in dry, dull skin. Moisturizing reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin for a glowing appearance and keeps skin feeling and looking younger! Urban Oreganics' facial cream has been my favorite for years!

Day 7: Eat your greens

Green vegetables are packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients are essential for helping your body thrive. The cleaner and greener your diet, the better your skin may be!

Day 8: Wash your bed sheets

When we sleep, we sweat, release skin oils onto the sheets and even bacteria. Wash your sheets once a week (or at least your pillow cases!) to keep your skin healthy. 

 Day 9: Apply a Face Mask

It’s not always realistic to make it to the spa. However, you can have your own mini spa session at home by diffusing some essential oils, sipping on some cucumber water and applying a facial mask! Urban Oreganics has a variety of facial masks that are perfect for pampering and revitalizing your skin!

Day 10: Toss expired or old makeup

When should you throw out makeup? Depending on the product, anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. Why? Every time we use makeup bacteria gets into the product, which can grow overtime and that is just gross! Ready to replenish your stock with some clean products, UO now carries Elate Cosmetics.

Day 11: Apply a gentle toner

After washing your face and before moisturizing, it's important to apply a gentle toner. Toners help to close pores after cleansing as well as restore and balance the skin’s pH levels. I love Urban Oreganics' Rosewater Toner

Day 12: Wash your makeup brushes

Dermatologists recommend washing makeup brushes every 7-10 days. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of going way longer between washing my makeup brushes than I should! Similar to makeup, makeup brushes collect bacteria from your face that can grow. Every time you brush some blush onto your cheeks with a dirty makeup brush, you are re-introducing bacteria to your skin, which may lead to blemishes, acne or irritated skin. Urban Oreganics' brush cleaner is a wonderful, natural option to keep your brushes healthy!

Day 13: Switch to a gentle cleanser

Always remove your makeup and wash your face before sleep! A gentle, natural cleanser is a great way to cleanse your face and nourish with natural ingredients at the same time. If you're looking for something super clean, give Urban Oreganics' cleansing grains a try!

Day 14: Reduce your intake of added sugar & processed foods

A diet rich in sugar, sodium, processed foods, processed meats, and dairy are known to worsen inflammation within the body. Chronic inflammation is a precursor for many diet related diseases from heart disease to numerous auto-immune disease. These foods can also trigger hormone imbalances which can affect skin health. For example, a diet high in sugar has been known to aggravate acne and eczema. 

Day 15: De-stress

Stress has a massive impact on our mental, physical and overall health. Stress alone can contribute to unhealthy skin, even if you’re eating well and getting enough sleep. Therefore, it is very important to try and find simple ways to reduce stress on a daily basis, such as drinking more water, less caffeine, taking a break from work to actually eat your lunch in silence or in the company of someone you enjoy, exercise, listen to happy music, a podcast you enjoy or unwind at the end of the night in a healthy way such as a bath, a book. The key is to find a way to de-stress on a daily basis so that you can go to bed feeling at peace and wake up ready to start a new day. 


When you complete all 15 days, start over again! With time and practice these healthy habits will become a way of life and you’ll notice healthy, glowing skin! For more skin care tips, check out more posts on the Urban Oreganics' blog here.

You can stay connected with me over at, and Instagram @HealthyGroceryGirl

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