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We take so much pride in the high-quality skin care products that we provide our customers. Every product is a result of extensive research, trial and error, and human - NEVER animal - testing. We rely on customer feedback for improvements and new products as well. For over a year we had customers requesting a serum that could moisturize and minimize fine lines around the eyes. After researching and playing with ingredients and formulas, we created our multi-purpose Eye Serum.

Our Organic Ingredients:
+ Sweet Almond Oil is anti-aging, protects (and even reverses) against UV damage, and reduces hyperpigmentation
+ Evening Primrose Oil improves skin health by moisturizing and treating acne.
+ Carrot Seed Oil revitalizes and tones skin.
+ non-GMO Vitamin E Oil protects and repairs the skin.

Eye Serum - Urban Oreganics - Botanical Apothecary

Recommended Uses:
Our Eye Serum is specially formulated for all skin care types. Before applying, make sure your eye area is clean and free of any makeup. We recommend our makeup remover and reusable facial rounds. Our Eye Serum contains four 100% natural oils, thus the bottle will need to be mixed well to combine all of the ingredients. A little goes a long way; lightly dab a few drops on your eye area. For extra benefits, like reducing puffiness, use our crystal jade roller to apply and give your eye area a gentle massage.

Eye Serum - Urban Oreganics - Botanical Apothecary

Recommended Pairings:
Since its launch, our customers have raved of the results and the multi-use qualities of our Eye Serum. Use the oil as a base for our Cleansing Grains or Facial Masks for added benefits. You can also use this oil as a makeup remover, body oil, bath oil, and more!

Adding in your favorite essential oils add even more benefits to our Eye Serum. See the product page for recommended oils and their usage.


Our Customers are Raving… here’s why:

“I didn't initially know how to feel about this product - intentionally adding oil to my skin?! Especially when I struggle with oil throughout the day, especially in the South's humidity. I'm so glad I gave this a try - I truly love it! I initially only used it around my eyes, but I now use it in combination with the Cleansing Grains to wash my face. My skin feels great after use - I don't feel oily, but instead refreshed and hydrated! And it does last a long time - a little bit goes a long way!” - Alyssa

“I’m definitely addicted to the eye serum. It’s so nice and light and yet wonderfully hydrating. I love that I can mix it with the cleansing grains or use it alone. I love versatility in face products.

“ - Kass

“I've used other eye serums and had little to no change in my skin. I’ve been using this for a little over a month and my skin looks amazing. Crows feet, gone. I also use it with the cleansing grains and make a face mask. It’s sooo good! Won’t use anything else!!” - Tricia

Reviews may have been edited for length or clarity.


What's New:
We added our new Eye Serum Howlite Rollers this fall and they've been a hit! Howlite, also known as the 'worry stone,' is used to help ease feelings of anxiety, stress, and tension. What a perfect gemstone to combine with our Eye Serum. Simply give the roller a quick shake and glide onto clean skin for instant benefits. This mini roller fits just about anywhere for on-the-go use. The perfect stocking stuffer! 

We are coming up on a year since the launch of our Eye Serum. Using just four ingredients, this incredible serum will reduce fine lines and brighten skin around the eyes. We consider this one to be a perfect gift for your bestie this holiday season!

For a limited time, get 30% off full-sized bottles of our Eye Serum and pre-filled Eye Rollers with code "LOVEYOUREYES." Offer ends December 7, 2018, at 11:59 p.m., or while supplies last. Not valid with any additional discounts or offers.

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