Green Living: Reusable Facial Rounds

Ladies, it's time to ditch those disposable cotton balls! Go green (and save green) with reusable facial rounds - the perfect eco-friendly complement to our rosewater toner and makeup remover.

If you follow me on instagram, then you already know I'm obsessed with Marley's Monsters for all things eco-friendly (don't worry - I'll dive into all my MM faves in another post). Her facial rounds are extra special though. They are made entirely from her leftover fabric scraps. So she's reducing her waste and helping you reduce yours at the same time. Please tell me I'm not the only one who nerds out over this stuff...

So now that you're (hopefully) on board with this simple earth-conscious swap, check out my tips and tricks:

Get a mesh laundry bag so your facial rounds don't mysteriously disappear in the washer or dryer. Trust me, it's heartbreaking. Save yourself the agony. Also, I love just throwing the dirty ones in the little bag under my bathroom sink each night (instead of walking all the way to my hamper). And be sure to use an all natural laundry soap too!






They're cute! So no need to hide them away in a drawer. While I'm a total minimalist and keep things very tidy, I do like to stack my facial rounds in a Convivial Production ceramic dish on the counter. I love the modern, geometric shape and simple white color. The perfect complement to any bathroom.




And that brings us to those dreaded mascara stains. Hold the bleach! Simply soak your dirty facial rounds in a bowl of organic white vinegar for an hour before throwing them in the wash. And voila... the stains are gone! If you want to take it one step further, you can even use your flat iron to get every single crease and wrinkle out. Because, priorities.

There it is. My super simple guide to swapping out a wasteful product in your bathroom. Do you already own reusable facial rounds? What's your favorite use for them? How do you store them?

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  • I store mine in a short and stout mason jar!

    Is there a particular mesh bag you recommend? I’m always losing mine for a few wash cycles… ;)

    • Kari
  • I love the facial rounds! The cotton ones are so soft and work perfectly with a little bit of your makeup remover. I keep them in a round glass container.
    To help get stains out, I use just pre treat them with a stick of coconut oil soap and that works really well!

    • Jessica


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