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Our Summer collection is here! This season, we've released a range of Tahitian Citrus products infused with grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, and vanilla essential oil.

Commonly, citrus essential oils are known for their refreshing scents, purifying/cleaning properties, and help to boost mood and increase concentration.

Grapefruit essential oil is used in many skin care products as it helps to treat oily skin and hair, stimulate circulation, even skin tone, and reduce stress.

Wild Orange essential oil is known to support healthy immune system function. It has stimulating and purifying qualities.

Lemon essential oil has anti-bacterial properties that can help heal your skin. It has a natural astringent quality that helps to rejuvenate dull complexions. It is also high in vitamin content, therefore, boosts immunity by stimulating the body’s ability to fight off harmful bacteria.

Vanilla essential oil is a natural skin healer with powerful anti-aging and acne fighting properties.

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As with all our products, we take pride in sourcing only the best ingredients for our customers. Our citrus essential oils are sourced from doTERRA - 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil, no additives!

Please note, Grapefruit and Lemon are two essential oils known to cause photosensitivity, which can lead to skin irritations when exposed to UV light. As such, please take care when applying these essential oils to your skin. It is recommended you wait 12-18 hours after application. Since our products are made using these essential oils, along with other natural ingredients, we recommend you take care when using these products and watch for irritations if you will be in the sun for long periods of time.

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  • “Tahitian Citrus + Matcha” Sugar Scrub: Perk up your skin with our Tahitian citrus + matcha sugar scrub! This potent little jar is packed with minerals and essential oils perfect for soothing skin, stimulating circulation, and leaving it touchably soft.
  • “Tahitian Citrus” Cleansing Bar: Our multi-purpose Tahitian citrus cleansing bar naturally cleanses hair, face, body, and hands. Ideal for sensitive skin, and safe for all skin types.
  • *NEW* Bug Spray: "Bug Off" bug spray contains ingredients that naturally repel the peskiest bugs like mosquitos and gnats. Citronella, lavender, geranium, and lemongrass are all known for keeping the bugs away. Available now in an 2oz. glass spritz bottle. Safe for dogs and children (test on a patch of skin for children under the age of 2).
  • *NEW* Candle: We are also excited to introduce a sweet clementine 100% essential oil, plant-based soy wax candle by Slow North. This hand-poured candle features a thick glass tumbler and cork top - both of which can be repurposed or recycled easily!

Check out our entire Summer line here.

If you’re interested in adding essential oils to your existing UO products, grab them from our doTERRA shop.

Did you know our VIPs get a sneak peek and early access to new collections? Don’t miss out on our next launch coming this fall. Join our VIP group now.

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