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Our aluminum-free natural deodorant cream controls odor and minimizes moisture all day long - without the use of harsh chemicals! This formula is safe for men and women, and all skin types. Give your underarms the gift of feeling (naturally) fresh and clean with our organic deodorant blend. 

Read more about transitioning to a natural deodorant on the blog.

Packaged in an eco-friendly glass jar with metal cap. Send your UO empties back to us for rewards credit, or simply reuse or recycle ❤️♻️

Our ingredients are always 100% natural & vegan.

  • pure coconut oil*: hydrates and conditions skin, anti-bacterial
  • raw shea butter*: anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin
  • non-GMO vitamin e oil: protects and repairs skin
  • candelilla wax: anti-inflammatory
  • arrowroot powder*: absorbs moisture


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

  • Warm a pea-size amount in finger tips and apply to clean underarms
  • Give your body a few weeks to adjust to your new deodorant. It takes time to expel the chemicals from a commercial deodorant. Reapplication may be required throughout the day while transitioning.
  • For maximum longevity, store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

We recommend mixing in a few drops of pure essential oil for the following benefits:

  • lavender: stress relief, anti inflammatory, enhances blood circulation
  • grapefruittreats discoloration/pigmentation, protects against sun damage, anti aging
  • wild orange: anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, alleviates anxiety
  • melaleuca (tea tree): repels insects, relieves eczema and psoriasis
  • lemongrasssterilizes pores, strengthens skin tissue, bug repellent, antiseptic
  • frankincenserelieves razor burn

Our organic skin care products are handcrafted in small batches and packaged sustainably. We have been lovingly creating in our home studio in Portland, Oregon since 2013. Each new product is tested on willing friends and family, never on animals. 

Please review our shipping and return policies before placing your order.

Customer Reviews

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Ariana Bissinger
Great for sensitive skin!

I have such sensitive skin and even the other natural deodorants irritate me. This one not only works for my skin but it also actually works as a deodorant!

Sheigh Ormord
So. So. Gooooood.

Every since i started breastfeeding after my daughter was born, I was struck with LOTS of sweating and smell 🤭🤢
I have always been more about natural deodorants, but the one i was using wasn’t cutting it.
I have a few other UO products, so i figured I’d try this!! It works SO well. I mixed in some essential oils since it is not scented (def a perk. You can scent it how you want!!) and I feel like it really helps me. The perk is it does NOT irritate at all. Definitely recommend!!

Like It Enough to Tell My Friends

I’ve been using this deodorant for about three weeks, and I love how clean the product feels. I tend to shower in the evening, and because this product is comfortable to wear (and it feels so light and clean), I’ll apply it before putting my pjs on. I may apply again in the morning, but there have been times i’ve skipped it, and my evening application is still holding up.



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