10 Ways to Keep Busy During Quarantine

Hello from quarantine! Now that you may have settled into this temporary “normal,” we figured it was the perfect time to share our tips on living a minimalist lifestyle, meal prepping, healthy skin routines, and more to help you productively pass the time while you're safe at home.



10. Zero Waste: Ditch the Junk Mail - there’s no time like the present to stop that pesky junk mail from making its way into your mailbox. Follow our simple guide and you will be free of this wasteful mail in no time.

9. 10 Steps to Better Looking Skin - a little self-care goes a long way… and we mean it! Just 10 simple steps as outlined in our blog and your skin will look better than ever.

8. DIY Household Cleaners - with the mad rush at grocery stores right now, it is the perfect time to start making your own cleaning supplies. Using simple ingredients, you will save money and help save the environment!

      7. Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps - here are our favorite eco-friendly zero waste bathroom swaps - many found right here in our shop!

        6. 13 Eco-friendly Decorating Tips - since many of us are working from home now, there has been a huge uptick in home improvement and decorating. Check out these eco-friendly tips to make your home happy.

          5. Why you Need to Clean your Makeup Brushes - takes about 5 minutes and is SUPER important to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

            4. Online Shopping: Creating Purpose from Convenience - during quarantine, online shopping has spiked. This has resulted in an influx of packaging and boxes into our homes. While it can be overwhelming, check out our blog post from a couple of years back for the best way to repurpose and help out the environment.

              3. Minimalist Parenting - I think we all need to read, and then re-read, this article. We are in unprecedented times and need to focus on the things that matter. Here is a quick guide to consider if you are feeling overwhelmed with the kids (and their belongings) while working from home.

                2. Repurposing UO - we’ve got a few tips to repurpose those UO empties - check out our post from a few years ago. *Please note, we have stopped our program to return UO empties*

                  1. Meal Prepping Series - the BEST, hands down, series on our blog. So much time and effort was put into curating this series. And while cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with snacks for the hungry monsters) can seem daunting at first, our easy step-by-step guide makes it manageable! 

                  Which was your favorite? Which ones are you adding to your “to-do” list?

                  We want to hear from you! Comment here or email us at hello@urbanoreganics.com to let us know what kind of content you would like to see next.

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