When creating Urban Oreganics, I had three goals in mind: 1. Stay home with my new baby, Milo, while also contributing to our household income; 2. Share my knowledge of natural skin care by creating products that align with my lifestyle, and 3. Continue to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. And so far, this brand has allowed me to do all three.

Early on I made the decision to package my products in eco-friendly containers, even using friends' baby food jars for the first few batches! I kept the containers and labels minimal so the packaging reflected the simple, clean ingredients inside.

After spending months collecting and sanitizing baby food jars, I began brainstorming more permanent and professional packaging solutions. Urban Oreganics was flourishing on Etsy, and I knew I needed to continue to build and refine my brand to be successful. The concern with using plastic packaging (what most skin and beauty products are packaged in), is actually two-fold. This packaging is typically non-recyclable, a deal-breaker for me. Additionally, harmful chemicals actually leach from the plastic into the product itself. By using glass containers, our handcrafted products are safe from any additives that would counteract the clean ingredients inside.

Since our products are packaged in glass, I was initially challenged by how I would actually safely ship orders (without using plastic). I could have easily given in and switched to an “easier,” and more lightweight container, or padded the boxes with bubble wrap. However, it was important to me that my products & packaging served more purpose than what was on the inside. In the beginning I was using my dad’s recycled/shredded paper to cushion the packaging. Eventually, I decided on recyclable paper for wrapping the glass containers, and crinkle paper for the box fill. (**We have since switched to biodegradable corn peanuts). I always encourage my customers to reuse these materials for their own shipping or gifting needs.

Urban Oreganics Our Packaging Eco Friendly Skin Care

When you’re finished enjoying your UO products, you can send them back to us, get creative repurposing the container, or simply recycle it (check with your local stations).

Repurposing Containers:
There are a variety of ways to repurpose our glass containers. Our jars can be used as a succulent planter, or to store small sewing kits, bobby pins, hair ties, coins, spices, etc. Our bottles can serve as a vase for a small floral arrangement reed diffuser, or herb garden. I am amazed at the uses our customers come up with. How do you reuse your Urban Oreganics containers?

Urban Oreganics Repurposing Jars Eco Friendly Skin Care Botanical Apothecary

photo credit: top left, bottom right - Kristen Kay Photography | top right, bottom left - Hayden Paige Stock Shop

Urban Oreganics Eco Friendly Repurpose Containers

For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest board filled with repurposing ideas. 


Don’t forget, our shipping materials are also reusable!

Urban Oreganics Eco Friendly Reusable Repurposing Beauty Skin Care Botanical Apothecary

We would love to see your empties being repurposed. Tag us on Instagram (@urbanoreganics) for a chance to be featured.

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Hi! We’re Cory & Emily, husband and wife, parents, and co-owners of Urban Oreganics. Over the years, we’ve developed a passion for creating an eco-friendly, minimalist lifestyle for our family. We’re always discovering new sources of inspiration and are excited to share those with you through our blog.

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  • I love the idea of sending back the jars. Let’s take it even further and send back jars in the same packaging received from new/previous UO shipping boxes.

    • Knar
  • What about rinsing them out and having them shipped back and refilled? I really would love to be able to minimize the items in my house.

    • Kylee McNamara


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