Back from a long break, we are diving right back into our skincare journey submissions. These are testimonials from customers just like you! This week, we talked with Kelli about her journey to healthy skin using Urban Oreganics.

Kelli, 31

Skin History:
In college (8-10 years ago), I struggled with really painful cystic acne and took this HORRIFIC antibiotic regiment that made my face and skin so dry, my lips literally peeled off in layers. I was told after the medication, my cystic acne would never recur. I also tried other over-the-counter creams like salicylic acid. The antibiotic cleared the cysts for a long time, but about a year before switching to Urban Oreganics I had what seemed so similar to the cysts again-- super painful bumps deep under my skin. I had made a dermatology appointment at the same time I started using Urban Oreganics’ products, but I would NEVER take the medication they prescribed -- plus I was trying to get pregnant, and I knew many of those medications were unsafe.

The Switch:
I use Urban Oreganics’ cleansing grains, rosewater toner, and facial cream. I tell all my friends about it -- my skin has never looked or felt so healthy! My son, who just turned one, also has been a walking testimony of the purity of UO. Shortly after he was born, he was getting horrible rashes, and cracking in the skin folds of his joints. I removed all his soaps/lotions and replaced them with the baby shampoo and wash and baby oil. His skin cleared up so quickly! It's all I use on him, for shampoo, body wash, and the oil instead of a lotion. His skin is so "baby" soft now, with no rashes to speak of.

Would you like to share your journey with us? How has Urban Oreganics tackled your biggest skin issues? Contact us to share your skin journey in our next testimonial post. Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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