Urban Oreganics Mothers Day Gift Guide

With Mothers’ Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about all those lovely mamas in our lives. As with all our gift guides, we encourage you to gift with intention. Whether you’re celebrating your own mother, a grandmother, or a mama friend, by intentionally gifting, you are ensuring your gift will be meaningful and useful.

Our guide includes a variety of gifting ideas you can purchase or DIY. Minimalist mamas, don’t forget to forward this guide to your significant other - I’m sure they will get the hint!



Urban Oreganics Mothers Day Gift Guide

Probably one of the most often gifted items during Mothers’ Day is flowers. Although these arrangements are beautiful, there’s no doubt even with the best care they will soon end up in the trash. One alternative we love is swapping the traditional cut flowers for something more lasting. The Sill offers indoor potted plants delivered right to your door. You can “gift” one of their subscriptions (3 months) or purchase a specific plant directly from their site. Same goes for Succulent Studios; their gift subscriptions start at 3 months and are sure to deliver a smile every time! Or just pick out a plant at your local nursery - shop small! They typically have the best plants (indoor and outdoor) for your local climate and can offer tips on how to care for them properly.



Urban Oreganics Mothers Day Gift GuideAny mama knows that we typically put everyone else first and ourselves last. This day is finally all about mama! We must remember to take care of ourselves all year round, but especially on Mothers’ Day!

At Urban Oreganics, we offer clean, eco-friendly, and vegan self-care options; in fact, our entire business model is based on taking care of yourself (inside and out)! For Spring, we’ve loaded up our shelves with Lavender-infused products for you to assemble your own gift set. 

As a minimalist, I always appreciate the thought that goes into a gift I receive, even if it’s something as simple as getting my hair or nails done. If you have a mama friend that is in need of some self-care, schedule a gal’s day with lunch and a trip to the salon. Not only are you helping local small businesses, but this is a gift that will surely be appreciated! If you want mom to enjoy this gift by herself, get a sitter or offer to watch the kids while she enjoys her afternoon of pampering.

If you’re more the DIY type, create a fun self-care basket with your fave Urban Oreganics items.

Urban Oreganics Mothers Day Gift Guide

Know a pregnant mama? Start pampering her now. There are so many things a new mom (well, all of us) would really appreciate. Get her a pass to a local yoga/ meditation class or tickets to her favorite theatre. Research and get a gift certificate to a reputable eco-friendly house cleaning service that she can use the first few weeks baby is home. There are also many different grocery delivery subscriptions you can gift (we love Instacart - use this link for $10 off your first order). Sometimes, all she will have time for is a quick smoothie, which is why we love brands like Daily Harvest (use this link for 3 free cups). If you’re feeling extra kind, make her a homemade meal from scratch that can be frozen and easily thawed later. I can’t tell you how thankful I was to have a home cooked meal those first few days with a newborn. Life changing!



I love cooking, but the prep can sometimes be daunting even when you’ve got it nailed down like we do.

One year, we gifted Marleys Monsters UNpaper Towels to our family and they were a huge hit. These flannel towels are eco-friendly, reusable, and customizable in over 100 prints. Truth be told, anything from Marleys Monsters makes the perfect gift for eco-conscious mamas.

I can’t think of a better way to brush up on your skills than taking a local cooking class. Plan a fun night out with girlfriends or take your own mama. They even have kid-friendly classes - so you can gift a “mommy and me” class to a fellow mom friend needing to reconnect with her little one.



Experiences because they create memories that will last long after a material gift is gone. Some of our favorites have been wine tasting at a local vineyard, taking a painting class, seeing our favorite bands in concert, or hitting up a local theme park. No matter what you choose for your fave mama, make sure to center it around her!



Urban Oreganics Mothers Day Gift GuideNeed some easy DIY ideas “from the kids?” Check these out:

Sit down with the kids and write a list of fun things they can do for mom. Stuff like “Empty the Dishwasher,” “Feed the Dogs,” “Your Choice Movie Night,” etc. You can use construction paper or index cards to write these out and let the kids decorate. These DIY IOU’s are guaranteed to be a hit! If you need more ideas, check out Pinterest for some free printables.

Breakfast in Bed
Need I say more? We all know a fresh, thoughtful meal is the way to anyone’s heart. What a wonderful way to teach the kids kindness and pamper the one you love.

Weekend Away
Yes, Yes, Yes! Give your partner the weekend off. Set her up in a nice hotel with a couple of her best girlfriends. Sometimes a weekend away is exactly what she needs to refresh and boost her mood.

Urban Oreganics Mothers Day Gift Guide

We hope you've enjoyed the latest edition of our gift guides and appreciate any feedback you have. If you have a topic you'd like us to explore and write about, let us know!

Happy Mothers' Day!

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