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In this new series, you can read about real customers and their journey from problem skin to the healthiest skin of their lives. 

This week, we are sharing Mei's story about her extreme eczema.


Mei, 20
Shoreline, Washington 


Skin History:
I spoke to a dermatologist and doctor for about a year about my struggle with extreme eczema. I’ve had eczema on and off all my life, but it got bad for about two years. I couldn’t shower without it burning. My doctor gave me a steroid cream to ease the flare up as a temporary fix and said there wasn’t really a permanent solution. I used the steroids for about a year until I discovered UO.

"After only three months of using the Body Food my eczema was completely gone..."

The Switch:
While on the steroid creams I was constantly searching for a more natural route to treat my eczema, I saw a post from Amanda Faye on Instagram about Urban Oreganics. When looking at the ingredient information on the Body Food I was impressed with the all-natural, all organic ingredients and the conditions it treats so I decided to give it a shot. After only three months of using the Body Food my eczema was completely gone and I’ve slowly been making the complete switch over with everything I can from facial cleansers to the shower to the laundry room.

“Would you recommend UO to someone experiencing the same issues?”
I feel as if I recommend UO to everyone I talk to, one of my friends told me I sound like a commercial. My brother is developing the same symptoms as me so I gave him my spare bottle of Body Food and his skin is beginning to clear up as well. I’m so happy to finally have something that isn’t full of chemicals that works for me and others.


Would you like to share your journey with us? How has Urban Oreganics tackled your biggest skin issues? Contact us to share your skin journey in our next testimonial post.

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