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In the United States, it is estimated we toss 25% more waste during the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let that sink in... this four week period accounts for one-quarter of our total annual waste. If...

5 Natural Remedies for Colds

Let’s face it: while winter brings forth all sorts of holiday spirits, it also brings in a lot of germs. 

With colds and flus and fevers (oh my!) abound, people rush to Vitamin C packets, pharmacy drugs, and drinks promising to fight illnesses within a...

How to Make Your Own Self Care Kit 

Maybe you’re off after a long day of work.

Or you’ve been hit pretty hard by an event in your life—the loss of a friendship, the chaotic political climate, the chaotic environmental climate—and just need a moment to decompress. 

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If you are a parent, you know how overwhelming pregnancy and parenthood can be. Not only is your life completely changed with the addition of a little one, but the addition of things can actually be very triggering for...

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Hi! We’re Cory & Emily, husband and wife, parents, and co-owners of Urban Oreganics. Over the years, we’ve developed a passion for creating an eco-friendly, minimalist lifestyle for our family. We’re always discovering new sources of inspiration and are excited to share those with you through our blog.

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