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It’s no secret; if you have been following us for a while, you know our whole family is vegan (including our dog). Our reasons for choosing this lifestyle are outlined in a previous blog post here. If you are...

5 Natural Remedies for Colds

Let’s face it: while winter brings forth all sorts of holiday spirits, it also brings in a lot of germs. 

With colds and flus and fevers (oh my!) abound, people rush to Vitamin C packets, pharmacy drugs, and drinks promising to fight illnesses within a...


Whatever your dietary preferences may be, basing your meals around plant-based whole foods is totally doable! We went vegan 11 years ago, and while we realize this lifestyle may not be for everyone, even making little changes will do wonders for your health...

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Hi! We’re Cory & Emily, husband and wife, parents, and co-owners of Urban Oreganics. Over the years, we’ve developed a passion for creating an eco-friendly, minimalist lifestyle for our family. We’re always discovering new sources of inspiration and are excited to share those with you through our blog.

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