Meal Prepping Pt. 2: My Fave Products

Welcome back to Part 2 of our Meal Prepping guide. This week, we're sharing our favorite products to help meal prep efficiently.

Part 1: Plan & Prep
Part 2: Fave Products to Utilize
Part 3: Healthy Eating

Planning & Shopping:
Brief part 1 recap: We choose our weekly meals together as a family on Saturdays during breakfast. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest...

Meal Prepping Pt. 1: Plan and Prep

Meal Prepping - Urban Oreganics - Vegan Eating

It's finally here! Our Meal Prepping blog series has been in the works for nearly two years… because, mom life. But we’re so excited to share this with you! To keep things simple (for us and for you), we’ve split it into three parts:

Part 1: Plan & Prep
Part 2: Fave Prepping Products
Part 3: Healthy Eating

Our family of four (hubby,...

Meal Prepping 101

eco-friendly meal prep - vegan meal prep - urban oreganics

The New Year is typically a time where many strive to make a fresh start; whether that be with healthier eating, a better exercise routine, or staying more organized. For our family, we are sticking with our healthy eating habits and sharing what worked for us with you.

Our much anticipated Meal Prep blog post is finally ready to share! We are splitting this up into three parts, each to be released throughout the month of January. Follow along with...

Product Highlight - Facial Cream

Facial Cream - Urban Oreganics - Botanical Apothecary - Natural Skin Care

What if you could have an all-day facial moisturizer that never felt greasy and didn’t contain harsh chemicals? Well, look no further! Perhaps our most popular product to date, our green tea Facial Cream is the perfect, non-toxic alternative to store bought moisturizers. Our Facial...

Journey to Healthy Skin - Haley

haley skin care testimonial journey to healthy skin natural skin care botanical apothecary urban oreganics

In this series, you can read about real customers and their journey from problem skin to the healthiest skin of their lives. 

This week, we share Haley's story.


Haley, 28
Arlington, Washington

Skin History:
I saw three different dermatologists over a span of eight years. I was taking ZenMed [rosacea and acne treatment] for about 3 years and a salicylic wash for about 6 years. The doctors just kept recommending stronger and stronger products so I...



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