Journey to Healthy Skin - Alyssa

Alyssa - Skin Journey - Organic Skin Care Testimonial - Urban Oreganics

In this new series, you can read about real customers and their journey from problem skin to the healthiest skin of their lives. 

This week, we chat with Alyssa.

Alyssa, 33

Skin History:
I've struggled with acne throughout adolescence, my twenties and now my thirties.  I saw a dermatologist when I was in high school, college and grad school. I've always had oily and acne prone skin and I've tried EVERYTHING...


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The Great Shipping Debate

The world of online shopping has grown exponentially in the last five years. Even in the last year, shopping online and pick-up in store (or curbside) is available just about anywhere. Amazon Prime is now a household name; even my grandparents use it! Did you forget your kids’ school supplies? Forget an important ingredient for dinner tonight? No problem, just “prime” it and you’ll have it in no time. It’s impossible to beat the convenience of it.




Urban Oreganics Body Food Organic Beauty Vegan Skin Care Botanical Apothecary


Our Body Food is just how it sounds. Food for your body; which includes your skin and your hair. As I value the ability of things to be multi-purpose, I set out to create an entire-body moisturizer using the base of our baby butter formula. I wanted it to be thick enough to really provide deep moisturizing, but also a formula that can be used head-to-toe.


Journey To Healthy Skin - Jen


Jen - Urban Oreganics - Skin Care Journey - Botanical Apothecary


In this new series, you can read about real UO customers and their journey from problem skin to the healthiest skin of their lives. 

This week, we are sharing Jen's story about how Urban Oreganics helped protect her skin against the rough, Alaskan weather.


Jen, 30
Anchorage, Alaska


Skin History:
I saw a dermatologist for two years after a five-year-long struggle with eczema and extreme-weather winter dry skin. The doctor prescribed Triamcinoline .1% and...


Urban Oreganics Rosewater Toner Organic Beauty Vegan Skin Care Botanical Apothecary

Whether your skin is oily, dry, normal, or a little bit of everything, our Rosewater Toner pairs perfectly with all of our facial care products, leaving you with bright and healthy skin.

For most of my life, I suffered from chronic acne and almost always had irritations on my face. Every toner I had used contained alcohol and stung terribly. I devoted myself to research on the benefits of rose and rose water, and set to...



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