Work is Work, but Family is Everything

Three months ago I did the unthinkable. Or, at least the unthinkable for me. When it comes to financial stability I've always been ultra conservative. I don't take career risks and I've always worked jobs I can count on to pay the bills. Most recently, I had a...


urban oreganics cleansing bars ecofriendly skin care botanical apothecary

Anyone else hate traveling with mini bottles of so many different things: face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc., plus dealing with the TSA liquid requirements? I did too. After some research and development,...

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Hi! We’re Cory & Emily, husband and wife, parents, and co-owners of Urban Oreganics. Over the years, we’ve developed a passion for creating an eco-friendly, minimalist lifestyle for our family. We’re always discovering new sources of inspiration and are excited to share those with you through our blog.

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